Ingénierie des Biopolymères pour la Structuration des Matrices et des Matériaux

Joint Federation "Biopolymer Engineering for Matrices and Material Structuration"

Structure Fédérative de Recherche N° 4202


The objective of the proposed project of research federation between the INRA research unit “Biopolymers Interactions Assemblies” (BIA) and the joined research unit CNRS 6144 “ Laboratory in Process-Environment-Food Engineering” is to strengthen the informal collaboration existing between these two units since twenty years by a more formal frame, increasing their scientific cooperation.

These two research units are both well known in the field of food sciences, agro-materials and agricultural products processing, at the regional, national and European level.

The proposed project is concerned by short term objectives on the sensory and nutritional quality of foods and on the development of non-food uses for biopolymers (green chemistry, materials), integrating biorefinery. At mid and longer terms, the federation will develop research on bio-(chemical) reaction engineering, on the modelling of raw biological materials destructuration and on the control, through studies on biomolecules and biopolymers biosynthesis, of the crops and microalgal qualities and end-uses.

It is built on three main themes:

  • Theme 1: Mechanisms concerned by food matrices and agro-materials developments; process control and adaptation .
  • Theme2 : Sensory and nutritional functionnalities ; food matrices dynamics.
  • Cross-diciplinary theme: bio-(chemical) reaction engineering

The federation also appears as a logical step in national process of re-organisation of research forces in this area, thus allowing for better representation at global scale. The project specificity is based on the triptyque “matter structures- processes- functionalities” and on its capacity to integrate the three aspects. It is also due to the type of objects and operation units studied.

The management of the federation will be done daily by the director with the help of an executive desk. This direction team will be advised by a direction committee, composed of the executive desk members and scientific theme leaders. The strategic orientations will be discussed with a scientific committee. The scientific animation will be organised through theme scientific meetings and an annual assembly of the whole staff, as a scientific seminar for reporting the results and prospectives.