The 32nd EFFoST International Conference will be held in Nantes, France from 6-8 November 2018 under the theme:

Developing innovative food structures and functionalities through process and reformulation to satisfy consumer needs and expectations.



Every year EFFoST organizes this prestigious international food science and technology conference, an important scientific event that brings together world-renowned researchers, scientists, policy makers, professionals and students from multidisciplinary food-related fields to share the latest developments, meet old friends and form new partnerships.



This year, the local organising committee directed by Prof. Alain Le Bail, ONIRIS-GEPEA CNRS 6144 /SFR IBSM includes the following members:

  • Marc Anton, INRA – BIA NANTES, France/SFR IBSM
  • Oscar Castellani, RFI Food for Tomorrow, France
  • Sylvie Chevallier, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6148, France
  • Nicolas Chomel, Laval Mayenne Technopole, France
  • Joelle Grua, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6149, France
  • Michel Havet, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6152, France
  • Frédérique Jourjon, Groupe ESA ANGERS, France
  • Vanessa Jury, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6144, France
  • Emilie Korbel, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6151, France
  • Joelle Leonil, INRA – STLO RENNES, France
  • Laurent Lethuaut, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6153
  • Tiphaine Lucas, IRSTEA RENNES, France
  • Sébastien Marze, INRA – BIA Nantes, France                    
  • Jean Luc Perrot, CLUSTER VALORIAL, France
  • Laurence Pottier, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6150, France
  • Olivier Rouaud, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6147, France
  • Cyril Toublanc, ONIRIS-GEPEA – CNRS 6146, France          
  • Pauline Videcoq, RFI Food for Tomorrow, France
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