Ingénierie des Biopolymères pour la Structuration des Matrices et des Matériaux

Joint Federation "Biopolymer Engineering for Matrices and Material Structuration"

Structure Fédérative de Recherche N° 4202


The « Biopolymers, Interactions and Assemblies” (BIA) Research Unit (permanent staff : 125 peoples including 40 scientists and 33 engineers) is structured around major key finalised objectives dealing with the quality improvement of food and non food products. The BIA scientific project endeavours to consider through an integrative approach, from consumers to producers, the matter in all of its complexity at the various scales (tissue, cells, supramolecular biopolymer assemblies) in raw materials and in transformed products during processing. It is claimed that this 3D organisation is a key factor which governs the end-uses of the raw materials and quality of end-products.

GEPEA (Laboratory in Process-Environment-Food Engineering) is a joined research unit (permanent staff: 100 peoples, including 68 teachers-researchers , 3 CNRS scientists) with 4 affiliations: CNRS, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, ONIRIS and University of Nantes. The objectives of the unit are to develop, on one hand, the methodological aspects flow / transfer / separation / reaction of the Process Engineering and of other part, the interfaces of the Process Engineering with Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biology to treat problems linked to Food processing industry, to Energy, to Environment and to Valorisation of Sea Products.

The complementarity between BIA and GEPEA will increase the knowledge on the effects of physical variables on the structures and 3D organisation of the end products and on the destructuration mechanisms due to technological treatments or resulting from digestion. It allows also, first to better develop more integrative approach from consumers to producers, second to better answer to the economic demand of the food and nonfood products chains, and finally to propose to students enhanced training programs.